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Consulting Services

We will do a free on-site consultation with you. We will walk through the entire project to help you decide exactly how you would like to go about the updates. We can then give you different options to get the results you want. We pride ourselves on customizing our services to insure each project we do comes out the way you envision it.

Epoxy Floor Finishes

We can provide a beautiful epoxy finish on your garage floor or even throughout your home. 


We can help you determine if you need to replace a whole board or just do repairs on your existing drywall.


Do you want to continue what you currently have or use one of the many different textures available? We can help you determine your best option.


Are your cabinets dirty and grimy? Do you need to brighten up the kitchen, or just looking to update the general look of your Kitchen without spending the amount of money to replace them? We can HELP! 

In-Home Services

We pride ourselves on making sure that every project is finished to the specifications and ideals of the owner. We want you to feel like your hard earned money was spent on the best and we want to make sure you are happy. 



We excel at completing your project with the finest finish possible. We use only the best  products to make sure that no matter your budget the finished project will look like a million bucks.



We can wash any exterior portions of your home and property. We have the expertise to make your fence or deck look brand new with a simple pressure wash. We can also get rid of years of dirt and grime from your siding, driveway, or any other solid surface you have.


Do you have an old home you want to restore to its former glory? We have years of experience with  homes from all eras including Victorian homes and can help you make it look it's best.


We have a checklist we use to insure that all of your personal property, floors, and surfaces not getting painted are protected from any harm throughout the project. 

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