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Benefits of Pressure Washing

If you haven’t pressure washed your home in the past, it may seem like a luxury until you realize the benefits of cleaning your property's surfaces. Your home or business stands in the way of the earth’s natural elements like sun, wind, dirt, insects, debris, and birds. The cumulative result is soiled, discolored, or damaged surfaces. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of pressure washing:

Curb Appeal

We most often hear the term “ Curb Appeal” regarding property buying or selling. Curb appeal, however, is an ongoing aesthetic, whether we’re selling our property or not. Pressure washing is a treatment where your home gets a makeover without the money spent on conventional projects like renovations. Pressure washing refreshes your property, turning the clock back on it, making it look brand new.

Increases Property Value

Pressure washing makes an aesthetic difference immediately, often increasing your property's value. Not only are the results from pressure washing easier on the eye, but it could also be the deal-breaker in making a sale or not. Over time, exteriors degrade and discolor, oxidizing as the years pass. As a result, your property loses value. Pressure washing can refresh a paint job, making it free of peeling and chipping, helping your home look new on its own. A beautiful property is much easier to rent or sell.

Prevents Further Damage

Not only do bird droppings, mold growth, moisture algae, and dirt buildup look unaesthetic, they wear at your property, causing rot damage. Despite its robust appearance, some materials like brick may deteriorate over time if left unwashed. Regular pressure washing of the walls, windows, roof, and gutters can help cut down these risks and save the business money in maintenance costs in the long run.

Fissures and crevices are vulnerable to the accumulation of dirt, algae, and grime. At the same time, mildew and mold thrive in shaded areas and can grow unchecked for years if not correctly maintained.

Master Painting and Staining is a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Lee, the owner, was raised in Upstate New York, where he took part in his family's painting business, working on every type of home and surface you can imagine. He met and married his wife, an Eastern New Mexico native, and together, they have two beautiful children. We take pride in our work, whether it’s painting, staining, or pressure washing. Visit our Facebook Page.


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